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Our polishing services leaves your vehicle old or new - sparkling and shiny. The results will amaze you!

Hand Polish: This includes a detailed exterior clean. Before we polish and wax your car, while it is wet we use a clay bar designed to remove all grit, contaminants and overspray. This leaves the paintwork smooth and unblemished so that the polish and wax to bonds with the paintwork. This allows the polish and wax to last longer on the paintwork protecting it from the elements giving it a deeper shine. This procedure should be done at least twice a year, just before winter and just before summer.

Machine Polish: This is the same procedure as hand polishing but done with our specialised polishing machine. It does not leave any swirl marks as we a random dual orbital polisher. It leaves a deeper shine than by hand and has better results.

Small/Sedans $120
Wagons/SUV $130
4WD $140

Small/Sedans $180
Wagons/SUV $190
4WD $200

*All prices are from.